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Cultivating People and Organizations

  Using the same principals of agriculture, HRT offers solutions to help you  grow, develop and yield the best people to enhance your companies performance.                          HRT also offer services in Spanish with a strong expertise in cultural norms and how to best embed understanding.

Ray of Light

HRT Consulting Services

Support that Yields Results

HRT specializes on the elements that deliver the most impact and value.  We understand that the same factor in winemaking – the flavorful fruit grown in a particular terroir, such as a south-facing hilltop; people collaborative efforts to create great wines; great relationships; and a passion for success – are the same factors that comprise a great business.

We are recognized for our experience in developing enduring client relationship, practical solutions and creative ideas that align with our client’s needs and foster growth and sustainability for organizations.


Manager and Supervisor  Development

Leading People

Developing Supervisors and Manager is fundamental to ensuring legal compliance,  employee engagement,  productive performance and  retention. 

We provide training for front line leaders to help them understand the critical role they hold in the life cycle of the employee journey. 


Strategic Planning Session

Expert Guidance

Strategic Planning links business plans and people initiatives together.  These include compliance, employee engagement, performance management, succession planning, policy and procedure implementation and customized training programs.


Talent Management

Current & Future Organization

Managing Talent is similar to plant selection; type, location and yield. We find the right solutions to fit both technical and cultural needs that also enhance your succession plans.

The Leap

Career & Interview Guidance

Land the Perfect Job

Guidance in career direction or how to find your dream  job!  Tailored for new and senior professionals looking to update your resume, ace interviews or discover your true passion.


President and Founder

A respected wine industry entrepreneur and community leader, Molly Morales brings over 20 years of experience in Human Resources Management with a Master in Organizational Development and expertise as an executive leader for fortune 500 companies. 

Since 2007, Molly has been collaborating and servicing family owned and operated companies bring structure and expertise to these companies while ensuring their family values and practical operations remain in place.

Raised in a Latin household, Molly brings unique skills and friendly approach to the Spanish speaking population.

Understanding how to present information to these groups along with  important cultural factors make any project successful venture for her clients. 

Molly Morales possess keen business acumen, optimism and collaboration to her work with a role-up her sleeves work ethic that delivers timely and efficient results.

Forest Trees

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